What to Do When There’s No Hockey On

If you’re one of those guys who goes into full panic mode the second you realize there are no more hockey games to attend or watch on TV, and you’re left to your own devices, don’t have a major freak-out just yet.  After all, whether hockey season has come and gone, or there’s another reason all together you can’t enjoy your favorite sport (electricity’s out, you forgot to pay your cable bill, you’re outside of the country and people where you are haven’t ever heard of hockey, etc.), there are other activities you can do to keep you preoccupied.  Consider these your bandage solutions to your hockey deficiency and you can give yourself a big dose of hockey-related fun later on through hockey video games, reruns, and more.

For many guys, hockey night is basically guys’ night, so losing hockey seems to predispose you to the notion that guys’ night out is over for a while.  If you’re determined to have the guys continue to hang out even while hockey’s out of session, there are plenty of other ways to have fun.  One popular game to play is poker, particularly Texas Hold’em (though any style you and your friends prefer will do).  You simply need a solid set of poker chips, a deck of playing cards, and a good bluffing face.  Granted, there’s no guarantee you’ll win, but it’s still better than losing hockey and your guys’ night out at the same time!

If hockey was more of an individual hobby for you, it may be more alone time you’re looking for (perhaps to avoid the family, or maybe just to prevent yourself from having a mental breakdown).  Either way, you’ll want to get hockey off your mind by doing something independent and concentration-consuming.  For the thrill seekers out there, taking your first skydive is always a thrill, though if you’re prone to nausea just at the thought of plummeting downward from 10,000 feet, you can choose a more grounded option.  Roller coaster riding will certainly get your adrenaline flowing, as will taking your first ride ever on a motorcycle.  Just be sure not to forget your helmet!

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