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Betting offers and where to find them in the States

By at 7 December, 2016, 6:40 am

Us sports fans know betting and watching a game go hand in hand, not only does it give you the chance to win some money but it really adds to the excitement of the game even if it does become a pretty boring stalemate. Now as were in the states we dont have the same kind of choice between the types of bookmakers we can choose from like our fellows in Europe. However all is not lost while i was browsing the internet i came across this fantastic little site which have done a great job of reviewing and compiling all the best betting offers that are currently available to us stateside.

Now the danger with these sites is they tend to be located off shore and are therefore unregulated by rules set by the American government so you will need to look at the betting sites first and …

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The Comeback Isles?

By at 12 September, 2016, 1:29 pm

With new coach Scott Gordon in place and goalie Rick DiPietro coming back, the New York Islanders seem to be ready to go into 2008-09.

A strong start, though, may be the key to sell New York Islanders Tickets. The …


What is on the menu?

By at 11 December, 2009, 10:27 am

Home cooking coming….
Time to establish some things during the next 20 days.
1.  Who is the home team?  Get the last change – get the right person for the face off – hopefully get the right combinations on the ice at the right time…
2.  Get a lead.  Now that would be a concept instead of this […]


JT can not do it all…..

By at 10 December, 2009, 7:27 am

JT does it again.

The last five goals that the Islanders have scored have been a result of #91’s composite stick.
0-2-0 in those games, however.
Tavares has been a goal scorer that has been in the right place in the right time.  That is a trait of many a top goal maker.  And he is less than […]


Even “Witter Man” could not save the Isles

By at 9 December, 2009, 7:25 am

The invisible cape was on – but the men that needed saving were not saved…..
6-2 loss to a team that had lost 5 in a row, and 8 of 9.  Averaging about 1.3 goals over the 9 games…
What happened?
Silly mistakes in the defensive zone.  Bad passes and decisions.  Streit and Gervais had, […]


Brendan Witt – Comic Book Super Hero?

By at 8 December, 2009, 10:56 am

As reported by Katie Strang in Newsday this morning, Brendan Witt was struck by a car this morning, on his way to get a Starbucks this morning on Arch Street in Philadelphia. 
He saw the car making an illegal left turn, braced for impact, got hit, fell to the ground, gave the driver a few words […]


Stinker in Tampa

By at 6 December, 2009, 7:11 pm

For whatever reason, I was snoozing on my couch through most of this game.
Thank goodness that I did not watch this.
It seems that this team just was not up for this game.  Or was Tampa just pumped after losing in the last 60 seconds of their game last night in Newark, and had to make […]


Pens – Isles – BLACK FRIDAY 11/27 – Period 3

By at 27 November, 2009, 12:49 pm

PREGAME thoughts….
Rollie in net – same 18 skaters.  Pens in Baby Blues, Isles in White.
My player to watch:  Andy Sutton.  He has been sch a shut down presence, and the fact that he has been so healthy this season, he has been quite impressive.  Especially when he gets to lay the smackdown on his opponents.
FYI […]


Blogging live at the game today….

By at 27 November, 2009, 8:45 am

Will be reporting at the Isles game today, for a change.  I havent doe this in about a month, so it should be fun.  I will update my postings after each period.
I expect a much different flow of the game – especially in periods 2 and 3 from what happened on Wednesday night with the […]


It’s been a while

By at 18 November, 2009, 9:33 am

The “view” has been on work mode – and has been out of action.  However, we have been aware of the great things that have been happening in our world of Islanders hockey.
1.  The emergence of JT.  Since all of the NHL brainiacs want us to fail – they are not even embracing this story […]