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Rangers Do The Right Thing Hiring Vigneault

By at 17 June, 2013, 9:43 am

You knew the Rangers would do the right thing here. And with the hiring of Alain Vigneault, it seems like they have.

After the tough love and abrasive approach of John Tortorella, the Blueshirts needed a change and Vigneault’s soft but firm approach seems just right for the team right now, so much so that those who do sports betting on NHL may just pick the Rangers to win the Cup in 2014.

His former assistant with the Vancouver Canucks, Rick Bowness, who was recently hired by the Tampa Bay Lightning to be an that team’s top assistant, said in an interview with the New York Daily News, Vigneault was a special person.

“Ten minutes into the interview, I knew I was going to hire him, (because of) his honesty, straightforwardness, strength of character,” Bowness said to Pat Leonard of the Daily News. “You knew he was going to be very loyal, very committed and very hardworking. You could just tell.”

One of the biggest complaints of Tortorella’s regime was that he stifled offensive creativity in favor of a defensive blocking shots approach. That cost him this year with the Rangers power play going in the tank during the playoffs.

But defense wins championships and Vigneault was able to balance both offense and defense to allow the Canucks to become a powerhouse, winning two President’s Trophies and reaching the Finals once.

“You’ve got to let your players play, you’ve got to let them run, and at the same time you can command commitment to team defense, which we were able to do and then went to the Finals,” Bowness said to the Daily News. “We never lost our focus on team ‘D’, but we certainly loosened the reins up and let them run a little bit as time went on.”

Plus after coaching in hockey hotbeds like Montreal and Vancouver, Vigneault should have no problem adjusting to New York. In fact, it may be easier because unlike the Canadian markets, the pressure can be a little less in the states.

“He’s been through a lot of pressure situations,” Bruins head coach Claude Julien said. “He can handle a lot of pressure. All the heat that he’s had to put up with in Vancouver, he’s handled it extremely well, and it never seemed to bother him.”

And that includes working with the New York media, which was very hostile under Tortorella.

“The media will not intimidate him one bit,” Bowness said to the Daily News. “I never saw one thing that there was something in the media that rattled him. He has thick skin, and he doesn’t care. The media will not get to him one bit.”

It’s too early to tell if Bovada sportsbook for hockey has the Rangers as the 2014 favorite, but hiring Vigneault is definitely a good start for the Blueshirts.





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Who is Travis Viola and why was he the Florida Panthers’ NHL draft rep? (Puck Daddy)

By at 15 April, 2014, 7:29 pm

Seated at the table in the TSN studios were the usual suspects for the NHL Draft Lottery. Brian Burke, repping the Calgary Flames, seated between Scott Howson of the Edmonton Oilers and Trent Klatt of the New York Islanders. At the end was Tim Murray of the Buffalo Sabres, in all his Dwight Schrute-ness.
But among the front office wonks, crusty GMs and ex-players was a new face, with a familiar name: Travis Viola.
It’s the question most of Canada was asking, making him a trending topic on Twitter after his Florida Panthers won the lottery.
He’s a vice president of hockey operations in Florida.
It probably helps that his father, Vinny, owns the team.
With this bright red tie and beard, he evoked Seneca Crane from “The Hunger Games.” He showed no emotion when the Panthers won the top pick. When interviewed by TSN’s James Duthie, he seemed to indicate that, despite the acquisition of veteran goalie Roberto Luongo, the Panther are in a major rebuild.
“We’re looking to continue to build on our core talent of the players,” he said. “We’re anxious to put a winner in Florida, but if we take our time and make a really good plan with Mr. Dale Tallon and Mr. Bill Torey … a little slower pace than rushing right away.”
Once more, with feeling:
Who is Travis Viola again?
The 25 year old was formally hired in Oct. 2013 as the Vice President of Hockey Operations & Special Projects for the Florida Panthers. The Panthers said Viola “will be a full-time member of SSE’s executive team, work with Panthers EVP & GM Dale Tallon in all areas of hockey operations, while also working side by side with President & CEO Michael R. Yormark on a number of special business development projects.”
From the Panthers:
A passionate, lifelong hockey fan, Mr. Viola has used his enthusiasm and creativity to spearhead hockey-based charitable fundraising efforts including the NHL’s “Beard-A-Thon” campaign. His sports industry experience also includes five years with the New York Yankees organization.
Born and raised in New York City, Mr. Viola is a 2010 graduate of Fordham University in the Bronx where he was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree. Prior to joining the Panthers, Mr. Viola spent two years as a proprietary trader for Axiom Markets. Mr. Viola is extremely active in community endeavors and has worked with organizations including “The Bronx African American History Project”, PETA, and more.
(A search for Viola’s role with the Yankees turned up empty.)
Viola travels with Tallon on the road for the Panthers’ away games. According to sources familiar with the team, he enjoys interacting with the players and life on the road. He learned how to skate when he was four years old, inspired by Wayne Gretzky. Today, we hear he’s more partial to Henrik Lundqvist.
So why have a 2010 Fordham grad with no front office experience with an NHL team as the VP of hockey operations? Because the Violas want to keep it all in the family.
From the Sun Sentinel, when Vinny Viola purchased the team:
Doug Cifu, Vinnie Viola’s longtime business partner and part owner of the Panthers, cited the New England Patriots (Krafts) and New York Giants (Maras) as models of family-run teams to emulate. John Viola spoke with admiration of the Rooneys in Pittsburgh, the Steinbrenners in New York.
“I think that’s us,” said [son] John Viola, adding that his family will put their stamp on the Panthers, indicative of their Italian-American heritage.
“You’ll be in our house, and it will be your house,” he said of the BB&T Center. “That’s how we treat everything. Everybody who wants to get to know us should try to get a ticket to Christmas Eve in our house. It’s an all-day affair. We’ve got people from all over.”
Obviously that extends to the NHL Draft.
Look, there’s going to be Pavlovian sneering whenever we’re in the presence of nepotism. Seeing Travis Viola amongst men that have toiled in this game for decades was like watching Justin Bieber join The Rolling Stones for “Paint It Black.”
But, for one second, consider how you’d feel in Travis Viola’s shoes.
You’re a hockey nut. Your father just purchased an NHL team. He turns to you and says, “How would you like to be a vice president of hockey operations, travel the world, hang with the players and attend every game with full access?”
You’re saying … what, “no?” “No dad, I’m content playing fantasy and watching games in my underwear, hoping not to spill Miller High Life on the remote.”
Of course you’re taking the gig. And they before you know it, you’re watching Bill Daly pull a golden card with your team’s logo on it, seated a few feet away from Brian Burke’s hair.
Life is good … well, besides the part about the team being terrible enough to win the lottery.


Panthers win NHL draft lottery (The SportsXchange)

By at 15 April, 2014, 6:58 pm

The Florida Panthers, who finished with the second-worst record in the NHL this season, won the league’s draft lottery Tuesday.


Florida Panthers win 2014 NHL Draft lottery, leaping over Buffalo (Puck Daddy)

By at 15 April, 2014, 6:33 pm

The Buffalo Sabres had a 25 percent chance of taking the top spot in the 2014 NHL Draft Lottery, which would have been a nice consolation prize after a terrible, imploding season.
Alas, they got more sand kicked in their face – Floridian sand.
The Florida Panthers, with an 18.8 percent chance of getting the top pick, won the NHL Draft Lottery on Tuesday night.
Last season the Panthers had the best odds and fell to No. 2 overall, taking forward Aleksander Barkov.
“We’re looking to continue to build on our core talent of the players,” said Travis Viola, VP of hockey operations. “We’re anxious to put a winner in Florida, but if we take our time and make a really good plan with Mr. Dale Tallon and Mr. Bill Torey … a little slower pace than rushing right away.”
It’s the second time the Panthers will have the first overall pick, the last time coming in 1994 when Florida took defenseman Ed Jovanovski at No. 1.
Will it be another defenseman at No. 1 for Florida? Defenseman Aaron Ekblad of the Barrie Colts is one of three players expected to go at the top of the draft, along with Sam Reinhart and Sam Bennett.
The rest of the lottery field:
2. Buffalo Sabres 3. Edmonton Oilers 4. Calgary Flames 5. New York Islanders 6. Vancouver Canucks 7. Carolina Hurricanes 8. Toronto Maple Leafs 9. Winnipeg Jets 10. Anaheim Ducks (from Ottawa Senators) 11. Nashville Predators 12. Phoenix Coyotes 13. Washington Capitals.